Bier No.217 Blend5 750ml

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This is one of the early mixed culture concepts I worked on. It was back in 2013 so I had not only just started making beer commercially, I was now dipping my palate in some of the hardest and most complicated brewing techniques. The point was to create and amber beer but I wanted something smooth and nuanced. I decided to blend both Blondine and Uber in the barrel, which gave the perfect amber. In releases 1-4, the beer spent around a year in barrel. But this time this release got caught up in the period of trying to save this brewery from extinction. This barrel was filled in 2017 but during the time I was writing my book I didn't touch anything I couldn't sell within 30 days. So it sat. Until I was successful enough to be able to turn my attention back to more artistic pursuits. After 38 months in oak, one of the two barrels succumbed to oxygen and time. The other seemed to hit its stride and become something uniquely great. And this beer is the result. I transferred the barrel I could save over pecans I roasted myself and let it sit some more. At this point, what's the rush, right? The resulting beer is rich and poignant but balanced by the nose and finish of roasted pecans. There's a hope of caramel sweetness but a bone-dry drinkability that makes every sip a dance of pleasure.