Help us help them bitch back at cancer

Help us help them bitch back at cancer

Posted by Kelly KFM Meyer on Mar 28th 2021

Cancer is a bitch.

We all know that. It’s strikes hard, fast and ugly and has touched nearly all of us in some terrible way or another. No one likes cancer. Cancer really sucks.

Cancer research and drug development are an important part of the bigger battle against the bitch of cancer. It requires a seemingly endless supply of money, talent and politics to make progress. But there is a local non-profit army called The Pink Warrior Advocates who takes up arms to fight on a very different front. They are a badass group of ladies that have found a way to bitch back at cancer with their mission of a compassionate focus on the victims (what they call Warriors) of the disease. For years they’ve been cultivating a sisterhood of empowerment and support during what may be the hardest time in the lives of the Warriors they open their hearts to.

The Pink Warrior Advocates have paid bills, driven to doctor’s appointments, held hands, hugged and, of course, cried alongside the Warriors they’ve sworn to protect. They feel the pain, cherish the wins and mourn the losses on the front lines of this bloody battle. They do it with class and they come when called, day or night. Where science is focused on prevention, these kickass ladies are focused on healing.

My wife and brewery partner, Lindsey, has served on the board of the Pink Warrior Advocates now for a few years. She can tell you it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. Facing down such a formidable opponent arm-in-arm with a team of passionate Advocates has taken her places emotionally that she didn’t know she could go. And it has made an already amazing person even more inspiring.

So we’ve decided to give a little something back from the brewery to help provide financial assistance to the organization and the Warriors under their care.

We make a pink beer called Funkromancer every Spring. It’s a rustic wheat beer barrel-aged for 6 months to give it character and complexity. It’s then steeped with cut and sifted hibiscus flowers for 2 weeks. During that time it picks up a dynamically pink color, a beautifully floral aroma and a wine-like mouthfeel. It’s one of those beers we create that will open your eyes and challenge your perceptions of what a drink should drink like. This is our fifth release and a few cases will be allocated to our Sour Junkie Society bottle club for April.

The remaining 120 bottles are being donated to the Pink Warrior Advocates. We will be officially releasing them at the brewery Fri-Sun 1-8pm and online 24/7 starting right now. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to this army of Advocates. If you'd like to experience this unique beer for yourself, it will also be available on draft in our Tasting Room located in Historic Downtown New Braunfels. 

At $12/bottle, we’ll be able to raise $1440, which I look very forward to handing to such a dynamic organization. If you purchase the beer, know that every dollar will go directly to them. But you don't have to buy beer to make a difference. If you would like to donate your time or money directly, do it right here.

Thanks for helping us help them to bitch back at cancer!