The Second Edition of the Book

The Second Edition of the Book

Posted by Kelly KFM Meyer on May 8th 2021

Hey Brewery Fans!

I just finished the second edition of the book I self-published last year. From my perspective, it's twice the book even though it's only 35% bigger. I decided that it was time to look at a professional publisher instead of self-publishing on Amazon so I put together a sales pitch for the Brewer's Publications. If they pass, I'll self-publish in early June but either way, prepare yourselves for the second edition. 

Here's what I sent the Brewer's Association:

Just wanted to send out a bit of an update on my book. It’s ready for editing. I’ve taking the liberty of putting together some highpoints about why you really should publish the Hell out of this book.

The Point

This is a book that needed to be written. The brewer publishing world is overflowing with books that read as sales pitches for why you should open a beer business. But the Brewer’s Association’s own numbers will show that thousands of owners each year are learning the hard way that there were also massive reasons why not to. Not so much because you shouldn’t as because maybe you can’t. Uneducated, inexperienced and unskilled owners flooded the market from 2014-2019 and the industry is largely worse off for it.

This book filled the gaping hole of beer books previously rubbing up against one another on the market. I layed bear the struggles, the roadblocks and the truth of how challenging it is to open a brewery in the most competitive landscape in history. My pain is in this book. My anger is in this book. But so are some valuable insights with ACTION PLANS for the next (and current) generation to learn from. Again, the lessons and stories in this book did not exist in print before I wrote it. Like I put in my introduction, I wish the book was available when I opened my brewery in 2011. It would have saved me a ton of heartache and money.

You could make the argument that not publishing this story is denying the truth to people about to lay their futures on the line. Publishing it might be the most responsible message to send to existing and potential Kings&Queens of the Mash Paddle.

The Specifics

How NOT to Start A Damn Brewery is 49,500 words, 20 graphics, one picture and around 250 pages in 8.5X5.5 format.

It was originally self-published on Amazon Feb 2020 at 38,000 words titled How NOT to Start A F@ck!ng Brewery and sold just under 2,000 copies in 8 countries. With no Amazon or Facebook marketing because you can’t advertise the F-word. The writing was good but not great and the manuscript needed organizing and editing, which it didn’t get. I gave it a bit of promotion out of the gates with interviews press releases. I also sell it at the brewery and on our website and promote those through my brewery marketing channels. But when I realized how much of the book I wanted to change, I completely stopped promoting it 6 months later.

So, four months after publishing I set about to largely rewrite the book to fill the gaps and add a few important things I forgot to include.

After my brewery took on Covid head-first and was still standing, this book is now done and ready for final editing.

I liked the old name much better, but I want to actually sell copies so I’m fine with changing it.

The Market

Obviously, the beer business in general. Not just current and future owners but staff at all levels and every single homebrewer that has ever dreamed of going pro. The lessons in the book lay over the wine and spirits businesses very effectively.

General fans of craft beer in TX have enjoyed the sordid story behind an industry they largely never see behind the curtain of. When they do make it past the Front-of-house, they usually get the “everything is great’ party line so this was a story they’ve never heard. Hearing it has deepened their experience with the industry they love and support. This Second Edition was written with that audience in mind more so than the first edition was.

Anyone in business in general. The obvious targets are businesses in the consumer goods sector. But I have had a coffee shop owner and a restaurant owner tell me that a. they loved the book and b. they could have written the same story in their industry.

I’ve had brewery owners reach out to tell me how much it meant to hear someone else say it. I’ve had homebrewers message me thanking me so saving them before they made a big mistake. I’ve had a brewer in the Netherlands, Do, email me thanking me for giving her a motivational push to wipe off the burnout and forget being forced to make a Kit Kat Pale Ale. (She’s a badass, by the way)

The Elephant

This is not a flowers and dewdrops in a Springtime sunrise book. It’s vulgar on purpose and honest to a fault. There are bad words in it that I won’t take out. There are controversial topics that take the book beyond simple brewing and business science to the larger conversation of the human species.

This book might be too much to handle for you. And that’s fine. I would truly love for Brewer’s Publications to give this book the audience that it needs and spread the message inside. I think you are uniquely positioned to send a message that to be successful we need to be smarter, better capitalized and more experienced. I know that you have the respect of the beer industry and enough reach outside the beer industry to make this book a success.

But only if we agree that the message is important and that I get to share it my way.

Like Marty Jones told me, “Craft beer has a horrendous shortage of humor and irreverence these days and it needs you.”

The Goal

Obviously to sell books. But, equally as importantly, to spread the message.

As soon as final editing is done, I’ll be recording an audiobook and starting a podcast with the same name. The podcast will interview owners and brewers to ask about their struggles, failures and successes. The idea is to build a cache of content that can be used to become better owners, operators and brewers all over the world. Like the book it will be brash as much as educational. And it will be designed to cross industries with entertaining content and universal lessons.

I’ll do interviews, book-signings and presentations. I’ll write articles to promote this book and I also have an outline started for the follow-up book. I plan to spend 30-40% of my 2021 promoting this book and the podcast. And, likely, more in the coming years.

I want to spread this message far and wide.

The Pitch

C’mon, you know you want to.

I know you want to.

And I truly hope you decide to.

Here’s the link to the book on DropBox

(Sorry, you gotta wait for release)

I look forward to your reply.

Much Love,