Blondine de Roncier Blend2 4- Packs

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Blondine de Roncier is our spent fruit raspberry and blackberry beer.

Once we produced Saison de Roncier Blend5 at 3.2lbs of fruit per gallon, we transfer a freshly-brewed batch of Blondine right over the fruit. 

Just like the Saison de beer, the fruit is regularly punched down, allowing the fruit more contact with the beer and a more controlled fermentation character. 

This 'second' beer picks up the flavors and tannins of the skins along with a beautiful color and aroma of bramble fruit. After a few weeks the beer is packaged young and shared with our fans. 

We have chosen to package this beer in 4-packs of 12oz bottles because as much as drinking it is a special occasion for your palate, it shouldn't feel like it for your wallet.