Collaboration Over Coronavirus 500ml

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When the world locked down in March 2020, no one knew what the future held. But as March became May, the brewing community was in a desperate place. So we did what we always do: we made good beer to drink.  

We blended and aged one of our beers from each of us in an oak barrel for 12 months during the shitshow that was 2020. We then dry-hopped it for 4 weeks with the spent Citra, Cascade and Centennial hops from Unicorn Homicide

The blended beers are:

Shepherd Boy - 5 Stones Brewing Company

Guadalupe IPA - Guadalupe Brewing Company

Polka Pils - Faust Brewing Company

Blondine - us. 

There were only 15 cases produced. Help us celebrate the fact that Covid didn't kill your local breweries. We're only here because of you and we appreciate the support you gave us during such a dark time.