Heavenescent Blend4 750ml Bottle

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Heavenescent is our annual cuvee of Blondine barrels. Each year I taste through our barrels of Blondine and decide on a blend. Each year will have a unique character but I always look for a bone-dry mouthfeel with distinct acidity and a long, lingering finish.
For 2020 I selected the following barrels:

Barrel 52
Barrel 53
Barrel 71
Barrel 12
Barrel 3
Barrel 5
Barrel 15
Barrel 4
Two small 15gl barrels
Each offered something different and unique that came together to give Blend4 the most diverse profile yet. The aroma and finish are the stars of this beer and you'll want to see how it evolves in the bottle. I added some young Blondine to the blend to give the mixed culture something to munch on in your cellar.