Jose the Rose Gose Blend4 500ml Bottle

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For 2019 I changed the process for how we arrive at our rose gose a bit. While Blends 1-3 made a fantastically unique blend of wine and beer, the costs associated with it made it too special for ‘regular consumption’. So I'll be using red wine pomace and refermenting with a clean, crisp and salty gose. This year I actually took a few cellared kegs that we had from Blend3 and refermented them for 6 days on the Tempranillo pomace after I transferred Das Lokal to steel. I used roughly 1/5 the beer to pomace ratio for Jose that I did for Das Lokal. The result is a more tannic, much deeper-colored beer that expresses it’s wine heritage like a 16-year old getting her first piercing. Which is to say with angst and passion. I also added a bit more salt to balance the bigger flavor and I’m proud to pour you a glass of this one. The concept for this release was inspired by Crowson Wines’ Saignee Rose, which is a truly fantastic dry rose and one of the only rose wines that would win in a fistfight against barbecue ribs, in my opinion.
We bottled this one September 10. Jose Blend 4 was available in 500ml bottles for $10 exclusively to our Sour Junkie Society members in their October allocation.
These are the few extra bottles we produced.