Misc.Etc. Blend1 500ml bottle

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I created this label to allow me to freestyle. I don't have a great relationship with rules or expectations and with Misc.Etc. I have neither. 

It's a blend of cellar scraps that I only make when inspired. I use ingredients that intrigue me in ways that inspire me to create beers that make me smile. 

Each release will be unique and share nothing other than the name. Check your blend number to learn the details. 

Blend1 is part Saison de Roncier Blend5, part Blondine de Figue de Barbarie Blend2 and part Blondine dry-hopped with the spent hops from Expletive Deleted Blend2. 

The beer rested on the spent hibiscus flowers from Funkromancer Blend5 and Galaxy hops.