MRCY FK 4-pack

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Every few months we curate 4-packs of spicy varients of TX's original pickle juice beer, PKL FKR. 

Once those beers are produced there are pounds of spent peppers and seeds waiting to be put to use. Enter MRCY FK. 

For the April 2020 release:

This month's 4-packs consisted of 13lbs of serranos, 13lbs of jalapenos, 26 ghost chilis and 3lbs of chilis de arbol. After filling bottles with those beers, these spent peppers were added to only 90 gallons of PKL FKR and allowed to steep low and slow. 

Spice is complex, lingerting and aromatic. 

Release of MRCY FK in 4-packs of 12oz bottles will begin 4/27 and only 30 cases (180 4-packs) will be available. Pre-order now to guarantee access to this limited beer.