Premierè de Roncier Blend2 500ml bottle

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Since I started the Premieré de series, I've been thoroughly inspired by the results.
These are the beers that represent the fruit first, ask questions later style of beers that seem to titilate the beeriest of beer fans. But, as always, it is of primary importance to me to produce beers that reflect balance, approachability and what I consider to be art.
The beer starts with our annual cuvee of barrels, called Heavenscent. For the breakdown of this year's Blend4 of Heavenescent click here. This first release of the Premieré was pulled off the raspberries and blackberries after 8 days of contact. Some of the blackberry skins had yet to burst so the blend is significantly more raspberry than blackberry. Fruit to beer ratio was 6.2lbs of fruit for each gorgeous gallon of Heavenescent Blend4.
Nothing I write will do the experience of drinking this beer justice. It is an expression I cannot be happier to share with you and I look very forward to hearing your experiences with it.