Saison de Roncier Blend5 500ml Bottle

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Each year we blend our barrels of Blondine together to create a cuvee called Heavenescent. That unique and complex blended sour beer is then used to referment with more raspberries than blackberries to create Saison de Roncier. As with all Saison de beers, we fermented the fruit in two batches, or presses. At roughly 6 pounds per gallon, we reserved 10 gallons of the first press for Premiere de Roncier to be shared with our Sour Junkie Society in their March allocation. The second press was blended with the remainder of the first and given a week to combine and blend before packaging. Our highest-rated beer on, this is a release you will regret having missed.   For 2021 we only produced 34 cases and 10 kegs. While a smaller release than previous years, the fruit flavors are more dynamic and the aroma bolder and inviting.