Sour Junkie Society


At the core of the New Braunfels Brewing experience is our Sour Junkie Society. Envisioned as a community of like-minded mixed culture beer lovers, joining the SJS family is the ultimate way to experience the art of our brewery. We invite you to join us. 

We put together a curated allocation of limited release and exclusive bottles 7 times per year. Allocations range between $35-50, depending on the selection. You choose either:

Junkie 4, which is 4 bottles January, April, October and November. 

Junkie 6, which is 4 bottles January, March, April, September, October and November. 

Reserve Barrel-which is one exclusive 750ml bottle each summer

We keep your card on file and charge allocations the first week of the month for pickup starting the second week. There are no contracts or commitments-cancel anytime. 

Shipping is available. 

Submit your request below to join!


As a Sour Junkie Society member you receive:

Pre-sale opportunities for all new releases.

25% Off all purchases online and in person. 

Free flights of draft and bottle pours for 2 people on every visit. 

Our undying gratitude


Upcoming Allocations:

September 2021 (Junkie 6)

Blondine de Roncier Blend2 750ml - rustic wheat beer fermented with spent raspberries and blackberries from Saison de Roncier Blend5

Uber 750ml (cork and cage)Brewed with 5 different malts and our mix of aged hops, the beer is black without being bitter and smooth without any sweetness. 

Mishapen Heart 750ml (cork and cage)- Barrel-aged Blondine refermented separately with Malvasia Bianca white wine pomace from Crowson, Syrah red wine pomace from Crowson and Carignan red wine pomace from French Connection before blending together for 10 months in a Das Lokal Blend8 barrel. Named in honor of my daughter, Kailee.

Blondine de Cafe Blend2 750ml (cork and cage) - Blondine steeped with a rotating selection of espresso beans.


October 2021 (Junkie 4 & 6)

Death for Brunch 500ml- Death for Breakfast aged 8 months with vanilla, chocolate and Michter's bourbon soaked oak chips.  

Irish Whiskey SPR PKL FKR 500ml - Imperial pickle juice sour beer aged on Jameson-soaked oak chips

Peace Out Bitches - Farmhouse Strong Beer brewed with aged hops, Belgian Candi Sugar and a heavy heart. 

Saison de Elektra Blend4 500ml - Annual ode to my wife. Barrel-aged Blondine refermented with whole strawberries and vanilla bean. 


November 2021 (Junkie 4 & 6)

Blondine de Elektra Blend2 750ml (cork and cage)- Blondine fermented on the spent strawberries and vanilla bean from Saison de Elektra Blend5.

Das Lokal Blend9 750ml (cork and cage)- 

Very Seldom Naughty Blend 10 750ml (cork and cage) - Barrel-aged Blondine refermented with Texas-grown Viognier white wine pomace.  



January 2022 (Junkie 4 & 6)

Saison de Roncier Blend6 500ml- Barrel-aged Blondine refermented with more raspberries than blackberries





Previous Allocations:

Reserve Barrel (July2021)

Revolverheld Blend4 - Our Collaboration with Infamous Brewing. Part Hijack cream ale, part Uber farmhouse weizenbock, aged in barrels and refermented with whole cherries. 


April 2021 (Junkie 4&6)

Uber in 750ml - black farmhouse weizenbock brewed with chocolate wheat and aged hops

Death for Breakfast Blend1 in 500ml - farmhouse weizenbock brewed with oats, cacao nibs, Colombian coffee and maple syrup.

Metal the Devil in 375ml cork and cage- Collab with Faust brewing. Imperial stout aged in ex Self Medication barrels. 

Funkromancer - Barrel-aged rustic wheat beer aged on dried hibiscus flowers


March 2021 (Junkie 6)

Premiere de Roncier Blend2 in 500ml - first fruit press of Heavenscent refermented with more raspberries than blackberries 

Sangre de Shiva Blend13 750ml - Barrel-aged mixed culture pitch black wheat beer refermented with Black Spanish red wine pomace

Blondine de Figue de Barbarie Blend2 750ml - rustic wheat beer fermented with spent prickly pears from Saison de Figure de Barbarie Blend5

Bier No.217 Blend4 in 500ml - blend of light and dark beers aged 3 years in oak barrels before 10 day's contact with roasted pecans. 


January 2021 (Junkie 4&6)

Rye By Rye in 375 cork and cage - Blondine de Rye aged 4 months in rye whisky barrels from Ben Milam Distillery

Heavenscent Blend4 in 750ml - annual cuvee of barrel-aged rustic wheat beers

FCKSTCK in 750 - TX's original sour pickle beer refermented with a chili de arbol in the bottle

Barrel-aged Triple Scorpio - mixed culture Dark Belgian Strong originally brewed in 2018 and aged in barrel every year since. 

November 2020 (Junkie 4&6)

Expletive Deleted Blend2 in 750ml - Saison de Figue de Barbarie dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria

Very Seldom Naughty Blend8 in 750ml - barrel-aged rustic wheat beer refermented with Malvasia Bianca pomace from Crowson

Premiere de Figue de Barbarie Blend2 in 500ml - first fruit press at 4lbs per gallon of prickly pears from Saison de Figue de Barbarie

Life on Purpose in 375ml cork and cage - Blondine de Peche aged on spent hops from Sharp Contrast to Death for 3 months. 

October 2020 (Junkie 4&6)

Saison de Peche Blend3 in 750ml cork and cage

Funkalust Blend1 in 750ml cork and cage

Jose the Rose Gose Blend5 in 750ml - Sour wheat beer refermented with Tannat pomace and salt.

Blondine de Houblon Blend2 in 750ml - rustic wheat beer DOUBLE dry-hopped with Pacifica and Jaryllo

September 2020 (Junkie 6)

In Sharp Contrast to Death Blend1 in 750ml - Saison de Peche dry-hopped with Pacifica hops

Cosmic Dancer Blend6 in 750ml cork and cage

Blondine de Rye in 750ml - Rustic farmhouse wheat beer with 20% rye malt swapped for the wheat and 30% more aged hops in the boil

Blondine de Peche Blend1 in 750ml

March 2020

BA Blondine de Roncier Blend1 in 500ml cork and cage

Birthday Deathbed Red in 375ml cork and cage

Premiere de Roncier in 500ml 

Black Fury Blend last in 500ml (yeah this is the final release) 

November 2019

BA Triple Scorpio Blend1 500ml-The 2018 release of our dark Belgian strong ale was laid down in ex-Self Medication barrels for 12 months. Exclusive to SJS. 

Recherche Blend2 750ml-Occasionally one barrel of Blondine has a special song to sing and we'll package it under the Recherche label. Barrel 15 has been uniquely dry, balanced and exhibiting a long finish that sets it apart from the rest. That single barrel release is Recherche Blend2 and is exclusive to SJS. 

Blondine de Figure de Barbarie Blend1 750ml-Blondine fermented atop the spent fruit from Saison de Figue de Barbarie. Will be released to the public in 12oz bottles, 750ml format is exclusive to SJS.

Blondine (non-vintage) 750ml-Our 85% white wheat mixed culture beer. Produced exclusively in stainless and bottled after 4 weeks fermentation time. Normally released in 12oz bottles, 750ml format is exclusive to SJS.

October 2019

Jose the Rose Gose Blend4 500ml-65% salty wheat beer blended with 35% TX grown rose wine before refermenting with Tempranillo pomace form Das Lokal Blend7

Very Seldom Naughty Blend8 750ml-barrel-aged sour wheat beer refermented with Malvasia Bianca white wine pomace from Crowson Wines. 

Saison de Figue de Barbarie Blend3 500ml-barrel-aged sour wheat beer refermented with 2lbs/gallon of hand picked TX prickly pears

Saison de Melon D'Abeille Blend1 500ml-barrel-aged sour wheat beer refermented with honeydew melon


September 2019

Tastee Bullshit 500ml bomber-sour wheat beer fermented on spent loquats and then refermented with vanilla bean, lactose sugar and some sweet hops

Das Lokal Blend7 750ml bomber-barrel-aged sour wheat beer refermented with TX red wine pomace from Lost Draw 

Saison de Myrtille Blend1 500ml bomber-Barrel-aged sour wheat beer refermented with whole blueberries

Saison de Lenoir Blend4 500ml bomber-Barrel-aged sour wheat beer refermented with Black Spanish wine grapes


Reserve Barrel 2019

Barrel-Aged sour wheat beer refermented with 4lbs per gallon of local crowdsourced loquats before dry-hopping with Cascade, Calypso and Comet hops.