Star Full of Skies Blend6 500 ml Bottle

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Star Full of Skies is a double-dry-hopped spent hop sour wheat beer. 

We use the leftover hops from either Hopfenstopfen or Blondine de Houblon. A batch of low gravity wheat beer is fermented hot to encourage bacrerial sourness. After 3 weeks the beer is racked off the hops and bottle-conditioned. 

For Blend6 we used the hops from our collaboration with the Faust Brewing Company for their 3 year anniversary party. The original beer was a farmhouse pilsner dry-hopped with 75% 4-5 yr aged hops and Sorachi Ace hops. It was called Something Fine and it truly was. 

So we fermented a batch of sour wheat beer directly on the spent hops and allowed them to age for 8 weeks. The result is a funky, crisply acidic beer with a clean finish and the faintest hint of hop bitterness. 

Only 60 bottles produced.