Star Full of Skies Blend8 500ml Bottle

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Star Full of Skies has become one of my personal favorite beers to produce. Partly because there is literally nothing else like it on the market and partly because it's extremely drinkable.   Starting this year I experimented with using spent hops and I've been pleased and surprised by the results. Spent hops are the hops previously used to make a different beer. After that beer comes out of the tank, I transfer this beer overtop those hops and allow the magic to happen. The beer begins as a 3.5% light wheat beer fermented hot to encourage tartness from bacterial activity.   For Blend 8, I aged the beer on the spent Pacifica and whole leaf Jaryllo from Blondine de Houblon Blend2 hops for 120 days. Normally you wouldn't give dry-hopped beers this much time but since the hops were spent, long dry-hopping is able to create new and unique flavors in this beer.