Very Seldom Naughty 750ml Blend9

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Henry Crowson knows his shit. He's so passionate about what he's doing at Crowson that just talking to him jiggles new inspirations loose in my mind.
So each year when I meet up with him and discuss this year's harvest and what pomace I can source from him, it's a very big day for me. I get a good night's sleep the night before. I usually fix my hair. I still wear flip flops but I make sure they're my good ones. And I get ready to pay very close attention to the spontaneous ideas that bounce around in that room.
Yes, I also drink a lot but that's besides the point. OK, you're right. It isn't besides the point at all, is it?
For the last few years I keep coming back to Malvasia Bianca. The grape is as unique as it is beautiful - kinda reminds me of my wife.
(yes, you can tell her I said that)
This year's harvest was one of the best in recent TX memory and the Malvasia benefitted from it.
Huge aromas, silky minerality and that satisfying base layer of Blondine make this release something to enjoy on purpose.