Very Seldom Naughty Blend8 750ml

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For 2019 I sourced Malvasia Bianca from Crowson Wines in Johnson City. This grape, while not widely produced, is maybe best-known for the sweet wines produced on the island of Madeira. What makes this beer truly special is that Crowson, along with La Cruz de Comal and Southold Farm and Cellar, are the only TX wineries that I know of that ferment their grapes exclusively with the wild yeast and bacteria living on the skins of the grapes at harvest time. Malvasia is a grape most people don’t have a lot of experience drinking which makes for an exciting new flavor journey I get to take you on with this beer. I selected a single barrel that had previously held Self Medication to rack over the pomace on August 22. 
I transferred this beer off the pomace on September 6 and we bottled 750ml bombers exclusively for our Sour Junkie Society's October Allocation on Sept 17.

These are the few extra bombers from that allocation.